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FULL TIME SKINS, full time skins meaning for us is a group of skinhead whose proud to be skinhead as a hard worker. And like the other band, we had the experience of long history process.
Started in 1996 by some skinheads who were used to gather around their community at street-quarters which was well-known as praptu boot boys. Indonesia at that time were facing long crisis, in social politics and also economics, which caused big impacts especially in increasing the numbers of unemployments and poverty everywhere; with that as a start came up among them the feelings of equality, togetherness, which makes them a joint to make a move as an attitude to the condition first they just shared what we felt about the condition of our nation in local surroundings, later then it turned up to forming a band as their way to express our concepts and also as a media to aware the citizens.
They were just young who lived in an authoritarian country with a dictator regime without any clear political attitude and from the supporting condition in the end conscious us in fact during the time we was young man have cheated by state with doctrines misleading and untruth. Because of that, we have to enquire and compete against variously. And then conscious us to have clear political attitude and commitment, because we are the part of Indonesian generation , and we are also a part of world citizen who want to vanishing colonization.
Because of that, we had ideas to make a band to give our idea and aspiration by music. We have unconvinced to government which only always promise without existence of real step able to be felt the people.
Until now, many government regime always changed with public election, but its same thing for us. They still do capitalistic system.
Since then FULL TIME SKINS got involved in several shows local Purwokerto, whether the band as a package or personnels individually as participants or committee in shows or other movements, and they became well-known by others in Purwokerto and later on by those in other cities around Indonesia.
In 2005 FULL TIME SKINS was invited to perform as guest star in the show PUNK IS NOT A CRIME in Bekasi city, where we met the owner of Cherry Records, who was very interested in our talents and offered us to sign in and release our album. After many long talks among them, they all decided together to sign to Cherryy Records (Bekasi-Indonesia) and released our album. first album EQUAL FOR POWER, where we get a big help from our beloved friend Vonny in the title Song called Melawan. She is help for backing vocal.
In 2007, we released our new album in CD'S version. the album called RED SKINS AND PROUD with d.i.y records. And IN 2008 we release our album in cassette version with jelajah records.
And In 2014, RD Records (Rookie distributions) Release our split album tapes with Theend.

Oleh : webmaster | 18 Oktober 2014 | Dibaca : 2421 Pengunjung

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