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The End, an Oi! Band from jakarta, was formed in 1993.
We were all lovers of punk music during high school. At first, The End covered songs from Blitz, Sham 69, and bands that were in the ‘Punk and Disorderly’ compilation.
Basically, we were involved in the punk scene before moving to the skinhead scene in 1995, when we shifted our style of music to Oi!
Our recording debut was in the form of a demo tape titled Gigs Oi!, containing 10 songs. In the beginning, the lineup was Uti on vocals and guitas, Donal on the guitars, Erick on bass, and Fensi on drums.
We also had help from our friends, such as Adit and Donny.
Uti decided to go overseas for his studies from 1996 to 1999. The End then re-united in 1999, with the lineup Uti on guitars and vocals, Erick on bass and Benny on drums.
Under this formation, The End released their ‘Made in Indonesia’ album, which had 10 Oi! Anthem. To this day, around 1000 copies of these have been sold.
The End also played plenty of gigs in that year and the following.
Another lineup change occured during the start of the split tape project with The Gross, another Jakarta Oi! Band.
Imam replaced Benny, who was busy with his other project. This lineup was maintained through a considerably long time.
The End has shared the stage with a number of international bands, opening for The Exploited, Last Resort, The Oppressed, etc.
It also performed during the Oi!Fest event along with Singapore and malaysia bands and in numerous local gigs such as the ‘skinhead jamboree’.
The End’s gigs were not limited to Jakarta, the band also toured to several cities in Indonesia.
The band was involved several times in compilation albums from local and international record labels, including ones from Japan and Germany, and split albums such as the ArchipelagOi! 4-way split with Haircuts, Rentenir and Anti Squad, one with Sta-Prest Boy, Oi!Squad, and Skinlander, which was released in Germany.
Aside from one with The Gross, The End also did a split with Full Time Skins, titled “Oi!Calling”.
The split album with Haircuts was re-released in collaboration with Bronzefist Record label from Japan.
We have lost our members Erick and Adit during our journey.
The current lineup is Uti on vocals, Imam on drums and Bucil. We are also getting help from an manager, Enjie from Rookie Distributions.
Recently, we visited Malaysia and Singapore to share stages with our friends there.
Our newest release is the split tape The End-Full Time Skins “Oi! Calling” made with the collaboration between Warriors Records and Rookie Distributions.
The End is planning to release newer materials and also re-releasing previous ones
And that wraps up our short biography.
Best regards

Oleh : webmaster | 18 Oktober 2014 | Dibaca : 2639 Pengunjung

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