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Generation 69

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Non political Oi! Band.
Purely quality and good music with diversity of sub-culture influences.
Hailing from the East of Singapore, Generation 69 emerged as one of the best oi!/punk bands the
local scene has produced so far. Playing with the likes of old-skool heroes like The business, The 4-
Skins, The Oppressed & Peter & The Test Tube Babies, these guys have proved that they have
been keeping the flag of Oi! flyin' sky-high 'till today.
Started in mid '97, Generation 69 released first demo "Skinhead" in February '99 & began the
journey, playing gigs at Area22, Youth Park, The Substation, Roomful of Blues just to name a few.
Second demo "Trouble on the Streets" was released in late 2000. First album "Strength thru
Strength" which had a label both in Malaysia (Clockwork Records) & Europe (DSS Records).
More songs were sent for compilations & it was such an honour, having shared the same CDs with
other top bands from the world.
2nd album of "Not Just Another Band" being released by Splatters Records (Malaysia) & DIM
Records (Germany).
Presently, the band is poised to change the future again...
Focusing more on global, society and personal issues that affects us, Generation 69 hopes to send a
strong positive statement through hard music.
For Everyone with hopes and dreams to make the world a better place and to be heard,
Generation 69 leaves no one behind. Cheers!!- LIONCITY SKINHEADS.
Contact Person :
Mimi +6598116570
IG : @generation.69

Oleh : webmaster | 15 Mei 2019 | Dibaca : 165 Pengunjung

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