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Unity, Brotherhood, Togetherness, Proud to be theirselves (positive atittude) and Spirit of Life is the core of all their songs.
Clad in 70's punk rock beat of the nuances of rock n roll with sing along choruses shouted loudly and honestly is the hallmark of the band Oi! The first punk from Surabaya called Plester-X.
The band formed in 1996, was formerly known as Plester and the early formation of this band is Arief (Bass / Voc), Achox (Drums), Bibin (Guitar) and Dedes (Guitar). In 2000, under the name Plester-X, they released an album titled "LET'S UNITE" under the banner of their self-label, senSLOKI RECs.
Still in 2000, one song from Plester-X, entitled United Punk N Skins are recorded live on stage participated in the compilation "SURABAYA BERSATU" DOLL LAND which was released by the RECs and in 2001 a song from Plester-X, titled Drunk N Unite participated in the compilation of "Let's Unite" by KITASATU RECs.
Later in the same year (2001) Dedes (Bass) resigned due to work outside the city. Many names that had filled the position as bass player in Plester-X were: Yoni ex RI RIOT drummer from Navan, Adi Gembol ex guitarist of The Stompers and the Dalbo ex bassist MORNING SICKNESS, until finally the ex bassist Tim Bull Anarchy JUICE join and become permanent bassist.
Several names for the former drummers were: Wahyu and Anto.
Final formation of Plester-X is: 
Bibin (guitar) 
Ayik (vocals) 
Chimpung (drums) 
Kiki (guitar) 
Dion (bass).
Unitygraphy of Plester-X: 
- Radical Noise (LP) - 1998 
- Let's Unite (LP) - SLOKI Rec. 2000 
- Surabaya Bersatu (komp) - BONEKA LAND Rec. 2000 
- Let's Unite (komp) - KITA ONE Rec.2001 
- Inferno United (komp) - INFERNO 178 Prod. 2006 
- Stand Strong Still Proud (2012) - FAMILY Records
For Booking contact: 
Lingga 085648008208

Oleh : webmaster | 01 November 2014 | Dibaca : 2313 Pengunjung

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